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Soil and Water Management Centre

The Centre exists to help UK farming make the most of its two most important assets, soil and water, through training, workshops, demonstrations and advice.

Taking-up the Critical Challenge

An industry-led initiative to help UK farming make the most of its two most precious assets.

  • Acting as a central source of soil and water management information and expertise, and national forum for establishing essential improvement priorities.
  • Making practical soil and water management training and advisory materials widely accessible and co-ordinating farm-based workshops and demonstration projects.
  • Instigating and supporting applied soil and water management research addressing particular challenges and improvement opportunities.

Leading industry partners establishing a national focus for improvement at Harper Adams University.

  • Plugging important gaps in practical soil and water management understanding under modern production systems.
  • Recovering 30 years of critical losses in national soil and water management expertise and training.
  • Delivering major improvements in co-ordinated soil and water management advice and support to crop and livestock producers across the country.

Working hand-in-hand with farmers and key research and training providers for the greatest overall industry value.

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